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Cheap Summer Vacations: Do Travel Packages Save You Money?

If you are like many other Americans, the poor state of the economy may leave you wondering about your summer vacation. Should you still travel? Can you afford it? Many Americans are completely foregoing their summer vacations this year, but you don’t have to. There are many ways to save money and reduce travel costs. One of those ways is with summer vacation travel packages.

When it comes to travel packages, one of the first questions new deal seekers ask is “do they really save you money?” Unfortunately, the answer might not be what you wanted to hear. Honestly, it all depends. You should consider many factors. Continue reading on for tips on how you can tell if a summer vacation travel package will save you money or end up costing you more.

What types of travel arrangements are needed? This is an important question. Luckily, travel packages can be customized. Many online travel websites allow you to book packages for your airline tickets, hotel, and car rental. On the other hand, you can get a hotel and a car rental, or just a plane ticket and a car rental, and so forth. The key to choosing a cheap travel package is only buying what you need. Can you stay with friends and family nearby? If so, do not waste money on a hotel. Find a package that only includes your airline tickets and a car rental. Paying for things you don’t need is nothing more than a waste of money.

Are you traveling with children? This is another important question to ask yourself. Did you know that hotels and airlines occasionally offer discounts for small children? Children under the age of two should not need their own seat on a flight. Let them sit on your lap and save hundreds of dollars. If you want to get your young child his or her own seat, but do not want to pay full price, contact the airline and try to arrange a discount. If these discounts are offered, they are usually offered directly through the airlines, not on travel websites. At the very least, look for travel packages that specifically ask about children and their ages.

Is it cheaper to book your reservations independently? This question is also important, but it isn’t as easy to get an answer. Online travel websites and travel packages are designed for convenience. You get many travel and booking options all within a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, you do not always get the best deal. When requesting a free quote on an online travel website, they should provide you with the name of the airline, hotel, or car rental company. Visit each of these company websites and request another quote for the same travel dates. Tally up their costs and compare the two. Only buy a summer vacation travel package if you are getting a discount. It shouldn’t cost more.

In short, online travel websites and the summer vacation travel packages they offer are nice. However, there are no guarantees you will save money. Luckily, you can tell by dissecting your travel package and comparing the cost. Yes, they are convenient to buy, but don’t buy a travel package unless you save money. Your goal is to plan a cheap summer vacation, make sure you get one.