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Peace Joy Love Health Prosperity New Year 2016

Peace Joy Love Health Prosperity New Year 2016

Peace Joy Love Health Prosperity New Year 2016 captures most of the goals that people may have for the New Year, what else is there? They are the big five of life’s joys and rewards for a happy family life.

Peace Joy Love Health Prosperity New Year 2016


Peace removes so many of potential negative emotions that may rob people of joy during their holiday season. Spirit Joy is a certainly the favorite for families during the Christmas Season, with so much happening and going on in the lives of children.

The Special food celebration season, and the anticipation of Santa bringing gifts to all the good children of the world.  It really is the Grand Finale for the year, with a very positive message and a very positive spirit of generosity for everyone.  The Christian tradition also celebrates the birth of the Yeshua the Messiah, in the stable,  that was born to Joseph and Mary Bethlehem.  That also is Good News and Love to all people of the World, it really is a positive message of hope to everyone. It can also be a moral guide, on how to live a life that abides by the spiritual laws of the Universe, and is in the will of the creator of the Universe, the eternal God.

Health  and Happiness

Health is vital for living a  happy free life, it is easy to take for granted, and sometimes we lose sight of it until something starts to go wrong and then we notice a change in our good health. Eye vision is one such area that is essential for everyday activities.  Over time the eye vision may change, become weaker in some way, maybe nearsightedness of farsightedness becomes an everyday reality for a time.  What can one do when it happens?

Optometrist are good choice to get the eyes checked, to see if there is eye disease, of maybe a foreign object, or poor diet and lack of nutrition. After the initial check up if there is nothing found to be causing the change of eye vision then the next steps to take should be natural remedies.  In today’s busy world there are too many easy fix solutions, they are the band-aids covering up the real problems that are deeper down.  Maybe it is a poor diet, not enough nutrition-rich foods, lacking minerals, lacking vitamins, lack of fresh clean water.  Eye vision can also deteriorate because of bad habits and poor lifestyle.  Smoking cigarettes is one such problem, drinking too much alcohol is another health problem that does nothing to improve the general health.

Making positive life changes in the New Year

New Year resolutions are often too fickle and shallow (like giving up alcohol while half drunk ) , and not enough reasoning and logic power used to make real changes happen. How can it be, that a person can be in disagreement with themselves?  It seems odd, to be living in such a way that is in conflict with one’s self? Some call it a habit, others call it an addiction.

Addicted to some kind of substance,  that gives person’s emotions and nerves rest. So there may be another reason deeper down, like nerves or emotional areas, that have unresolved issues, and the quickest t solution seems to be found in a substance. Be it nicotine, alcohol or other drugs.

Not to judge people or trivialize potential addictions

Substance abuse if a serious matter, one should never make jokes about it, because the younger generation will pick it up as a harmless activity or practice that has no negative health consequences to them.  That is how bad habits are passed on from person to person, they are trivialized, false advertised, and lies masqueraded as truth. The truth is plain and clear, good health should be respected, it should be improved with exercise, and strengthened with healthy well-balanced nutrition.  The human physical body with eleven organ systems is a fantastic structure, way beyond any human engineering feat. It is actually alive, so that is the best way to treat the human body with the eleven organ system to give it respect as a living organism. The mind of the person may be spiritually dead, not understanding what a fantastic array of systems the human body really is. The minds of peoples often need to be enlightened to the reality of life, there is great potential in a human life, living a life in a healthy body is a great source of happiness for all humanity.    There are exception’s of course, people that suffer from ill health, caused by genetic problems.

 How to improve Eye Vision?

There is a Natural Eye Vision program that can really help to improve eye vision.  The eye vision program is called rebuild Your Vision, A program that is done at home, during own time and pace.  it does require about 20-30 minutes of time, 5-6 days per week. It is a personal commitment to discipline, to exercise the eye vision in a way that exercises the eye vision system. It also makes one more aware and conscious how eye vision is used.

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Sometimes we get lazy as how the eyes are used, not paying attention to what we look at. Other times we may  be careless in how we focus on things.  And there is also the computer use, and television. The problems with these activities can be bad habits, like looking at the screen eyes open and not blinking the eyes, doing it for too long at one time. There are ways to use the computer that breaks up the continues focusing at a fixed distance, and therefore, helping the eye lenses to stay malleable and flexible.  With aging the eye lenses can get very rigid, fixed to a set distance, unless the person does go outdoors a lot and walks in the forest, focusing at various distances over and over many times in a single hour.  That is natural eye focus pattern in the outdoor while walking and other activities. The eyes are constantly forced to focus and refocus at various distance. Not so with television and computer use, the distance is fixed at a set distance. The only way to break that up is to have times or use the 20/20/20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look away from the computer, at a 20 feet distance, and focus there for 20 seconds. That breaks up the constant staring at a fixed position of a computer screen or a television screen.

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