Christmas spirit

Christmas spirit in Lapland.

Christmas spirit is all about the good cheer for a season of time when the abundance of generosity is tested and practiced for the right reasons. Christmas spirit is a projection of good will being exercised because it is the right thing to do. It was good in the past, it is good for the current community and it will be good for humanity in the future.

christmas spirit
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Christmas spirit has a positive effect on people psychologically and it has a positive effect spiritually.

There are no national barriers to the generous spirit of Christmas. It can transcend religion because it is the spirit of generosity and good will, that transcends any particular narrow world view, and it is not limited to just one  religious doctrine either.

Openly accepting the goodwill gesture of the Spirit of Christmas.

The Christmas spirit can be restricted and constrained by negative human attributes and behavior that are opposite to the true spirit of Christmas.

Have a merry Christmas in Lapland spirit.

christmas spirit
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